Helper Applications



I'm excited to announce that the long awaited, highly anticipated Helper applications are finally here. We are accepting volunteer staff members with the goal of creating a friendlier, safer Klodghirz community. If you plan on applying, please read this entire thread carefully. A link to the application form is included in this thread. For more information on what being a staff member on Klodghirz is like, see this thread. Applications will be open from Saturday, 1st August at 08:30 (CEST) until Monday, 31st August at 08:30 (CEST).

Below are the qualifications for applying. If you do not meet these qualifications, please do not apply to be a staff member, as your application will not be accepted. These qualifications are non-negotiable. Some qualifications are not listed here and will not be made known publicly.
  • You must speak fluent English
  • You must have an appropriate Minecraft username
  • You must be completely familiar with our network's rules (
  • You must have a Discord account and an email address and be able to use both to contact us
  • Your accounts (Minecraft, email, forums, etc.) must be secure (16+ character secure passwords) and 2-factor authentication must be enabled wherever possible
You must have an account on our forums to fill out an application. You will submit your staff application by visiting this link and answering the questions. The application form contains 5 questions about your personal information, 5 Minecraft-specific questions, 4 Klodghirz-specific questions, 3 short answer questions and 1 essay question. You will be able to submit applications from Saturday, 1st August from 08:30 (CEST). If you try to visit the application form before or after those dates, it will give you an error that says "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." You will get this same message if you try to view the form after you've already submitted an application.

Your application must be entirely honest. We can almost always find out if you lied in your application. If we catch you lying, your application will be denied and you will be blacklisted from submitting subsequent staff applications. You're applying for Helper, not Moderator. You can work your way up to Moderator in time by being an active staff member who follows our staff guidelines. If you contact us reminding us to look at your staff application or ask us any question that is already answered in this thread, your application will be automatically denied. There is no specific limit to the amount of staff applications we're accepting, but we're only going to accept up to a reasonable amount. If we somehow received 500 exceptional applications, obviously we'd have to enact some sort of limit.

If your application is accepted, we will send you an email congratulating you and invite you to the Klodghirz staff Discord server. Once we have you on Discord, we will send you our staff documentation PDF, make sure you've read the whole thing, and give you your Helper rank. If your application is denied, we will send you an email notifying you of that. Certain things will boost your chances of being accepted, such as being active on our forums or having purchased something from our shop, but everyone who applies and meets our qualifications has a chance of being accepted.

Outside of giving you questions to answer, we will not offer you advice on how to format your application. If we setup a bunch of presentation requirements, then we will not get to see how you naturally write and format. What I will say is if you're spending lots of time worrying about how you should format your application, you're doing it wrong. All applications will be processed and all users notified of their acceptance or rejection by Monday, 31st August at 08:30 (CEST). If you have any questions about Helper applications that are not answered in this post, feel free to ask them below. Remember, the application form will be open from Saturday, 1st August at 08:30 (CEST) until Monday, 31st August at 08:30 (CEST).

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