Creative Release

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Hey all,

The purpose of this thread is to offer a detailed documentation of the creative server release. The release is ready and will be live on Klodghirz on Sunday, November 29th between 15:00 (GMT) and 17:00 (GMT). Here are some general things to note:
  • A rather complex and more useful spawn
  • A fast, scalable and efficient plots plugin (PlotSquared)
  • Exciting perks for donators and non-donators
  • More commands for non-donators (example: /plot deny [player])
  • Large plots (99x99 was going to be 75x75)
  • Server version 1.16.4. You can also connect from 1.7.10 up to 1.16.4
  • Little to no lag
The plots plugin we are using also contains a number of features that make running the creative server easier, including UUID support and the deletion of plots whose owner hasn't logged on in 30 days.

Everyone will have plot-related commands, which you can view by using /plot help. Everyone will be able to reset their plot, teleport to plots, set a name for their plots (this helps with /plot teleport), and deny players from their plot.

All donators (including people who just purchase the creative commands package) can use "/plot setexpire false", which sets their plot to be exempt from the auto-deletion of plots whose owner has not logged in for 30 days. Donators will be able to claim 1 more plot than they could before, which means that rank Premium can claim 2 plots and rank Admin can claim 8 plots (previously 1 and 7). Ranks MVP and above can use /plot pvp to toggle PvP on their plot.

If you want to read more about the new plots plugin we're using, you can visit the plugin's page here.

I think I have covered basically everything. I hope you're all as excited for this badly-needed reset as I am. If you have any last-minute suggestions before the server goes live in Tuesday evening, feel free to let me know in this thread.
Not open for further replies.